These portraits of friends and family members were created using a combination of digital and physical processes. The purpose of which serve as a metaphorical representation of the fluid nature of our physicality and the people to which we emotionally attach ourselves. It’s a meditation about the nature of impermanence, paralleling Eastern spiritual practices relating to change. If we can understand that change is a constant we can imagine how things are interconnected and grow from it.

These portrait begin as 3D scans using hundreds of reference photos of the subjects digitally stitched together to create a digital model. Then they are 3D printed and photographed in a lighting studio as acrylic paints are poured onto them. Finally they are animated into short looping videos and presented on a high resolution horizontal digital screen or projector.

(Lower resolution .gifs are shown here for representative purposes only. Please contact me if you are interested in this project and would like to support it, or would like to have your own fluid portrait commissioned.)